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Monday, October 05, 2015

Western Authors

The Saddest Place on Earth by Kathryn Mockler

Deeply interested in American politics and the absurdity of our mediated relation to the political sphere, Kathryn Mockler's beautiful and entertaining narrative poems in The Saddest Place on Earth follow absurd premises to their most logical conclusions. Once again, the follow-up collection to 2011's The Onion Man, demonstrates Mockler is Western's literary gem, producing a pithy volume that is touching, playful, and unpretentiously saturated with brilliant insight. — [from the book's cover and Kane Faucher in Western News]

Soldier of Christ: The Life of Pope Pius XII by Robert A. Ventresca

Debates over the legacy of Pope Pius XII [ruled 1939-1958] and his canonization are so heated they are known as the "Pius wars." Soldier of Christ moves beyond competing caricatures and considers Pius XII as Eugenio Pacelli, a flawed and gifted man. While offering insight into the pope's response to Nazism, King's College University associate professor, Robert A. Ventresca, argues that it was the Cold War and Pius XII's manner of engaging with the modern world that defined his pontificate. — [from the dust jacket]

Communication Strategies for International Graduate Students: Surviving and Thriving in Canadian Academia Second Edition by Nadine LeGros

Communication Strategies for International Graduate Students: Surviving and Thriving in American Academia by Nadine LeGros

Price $150.00

Buy (Canadian Second Edition, ISBN: 9780771428821)

Buy (American Edition, ISBN: 9780771428838)

Available In E-Manual Format

Read sample chapters:

"The combination of definitions, descriptions, real life cases and media make it a very accessible, comprehensive resource. Having such a resource, which deals with the challenges faced by our International Graduate Students, will help ensure success in their lives in and outside of the classroom."

— Andy Leger PhD, Educational Developer, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Queens University

"Study abroad offers students many opportunities for exhilarating and (occasionally) frustrating moments. CSGIS meaningfully helps international students begin to understand and successfully negotiate cultural transitions they might face in graduate school. Varied, informative, and thankfully free of pedantry, Ms. LeGros' useful resource aids international scholars seeking to survive and thrive in graduate education.

—Kevin M. Johnston, Director, Michigan State University, Teaching Assistant Programs"

"In a brilliant and easy-to-read piece, the author puts together invaluable information that will assist any international graduate students to understand and thrive in the Canadian academia. The wealth of information in the book will assist any international graduate student to understand and overcome the cultural differences that often cause rifts. It is a must read for anyone who hope to have a balanced and productive relationship in Canadian academia."

—Bolaji Adeniji, PhD student in the department of Biology, The University of Western Ontario, London – originally from Nigeria, West Africa.